Who Are the Knights of the Resurrection?

The knights of the Resurrection seek to develop masculine Christianity.

The modern malady of Christian men is feminization. Unfortunately, Church authorities have done little to deter this advance of decadence in our present post-scarcity society. Indeed, many men may note that some church leaders encourage a distortion of male character and a general decline in the status of men. These leaders are traitors and apostates.

Masculinity is often depicted by these so-called men (and their female counterparts in those Protestant denominations which allow such things) as intrinsically negative. They portray the aggression naturally expressed by men with high levels of testosterone as somehow counteractive to "true Christian expression", which is invariably characterized a submissive.

This false characterization ignores, of course, many scriptural passages which encourage just the opposite, such as this passage from the gospel:

Jesus: When I sent you without purse, and scrip, and shoes, did you want anything?

Apostles reply: Nothing. 

Jesus: But now he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise a scrip; and he that hath not,
let him sell his coat, and buy a sword.

The following lines have the apostles remarking that their inventory includes two swords. Clearly, the Lord intended there to be need for violence. He demonstrated as much when he ran the money-changers out of the temple.

The Stakes

There is much at stake here. In their satanic endeavor to transform men into a mass of weaklings, modern church leaders have certainly put millions of souls at risk. What's more, they have condoned the murder of tens of millions of innocents as they have pusillanimously permitted the advance of a variety of heresies and misguided teachings, such as abortion and sexual libertinism.

Furthermore, we are on the brink of losing Western civilization.

For 500 years, there has been a conversation, sometimes bloody, about the purposes of this civilization. Catholics and Protestants have treasured different but overlapping portions of that treasure trove known as the Great Books. Both sides of this argument are now at risk not of losing the debate but rather of being swept from the stage entirely. Surely it is in their best interests to set aside their differences, though they are legitimate and worthy of debate, in order to suppress the evils which threaten today.

The Dark Alternatives

If nothing is done, if there is no movement among the remaining Christian masses to renew both their individual souls and the expression of Christianity in society, then some of us already know where men will end up. We know, perhaps, because we have already wandered down some of these paths and have turned back, desperate for some better solution.

  • Atheistic Hedonism
When a stern but loving Father no longer commands respect, it is inevitable that boys will be boys. How many of us have so indulged porn, drugs, alcohol, food, and other vices that we do not even recognize them as problems? If Christ does not compel you to obedience to the Ten Commandments, it is unlikely that you will adhere to any sort of moral code or restraint.  

Ask yourself, you who read this now, what things you tolerate, condone or even approve today that would have made you retch just ten or twenty years ago? Why have you come to these conclusions? What has changed in the world that you suddenly accept sodomy or abortion when you considered such things beyond the pale such a short time ago?

And many are going this route already. Many are lost. They will recover from their journey into this darkling territory only by the direct and miraculous intervention. When you attempt to realize how many have been destroyed, how many have irrevocably surrendered to the darkness, you should be moved to manly tears. A great crime has been committed and we have all been more than bystanders. We have been participants.

If we do not stand, then all men will go this route. They will be paired off as an endless chain of pederasts and catamites until some powers, that have not forgotten the definition of manhood, seize power and set things right again.

  • Islam
Islam has drawn many Western men into its ranks and do not fool yourself into thinking that they are simply traitors to the West. These men have nobly sought to cure themselves and society in general of its many ills. In Islam, they see law and order and the natural law obeyed in the relations of the sexes. 

Islam's qualities are overshadowed, though, by a cultural sterility which can only be explained as due to rejection of Christ. Islam's much touted medieval contributions to knowledge were, for the most part, inspired by discoveries of Greek texts, just as Christian thinkers were so inspired. And in Islam there is no beauty such as that found in the Sistine Chapel, the Cathedral of Chartres and the gospel music of countless Christian variations. 

Islam breeds a weakness peculiar to itself. 

Wherever it triumphed in the past, decadence and weakness quickly set in. Its martial successes in the modern world are almost entirely due to muslim omega males blowing themselves up in order to secure the heavenly harem that they were denied here on Earth. The strong amongst them give themselves over to pleasure while the weak generally lead unproductive lives. Most education in muslim countries is simply rote memorization of the Koran.

This is the ultimate result of our growing weakness. Nature abhors a vacuum and Islam will eventually shove aside the weaklings of our decadent civilization and ignore meek protests as they bulldoze our cathedrals and burn our art.

We will lose beauty. This will be the true sign of Christ's absence in our society. First, beauty will be replaced by orgies, abortion and assisted suicide. Then it will be replaced by a lifeless devotion to law and order in a barren landscape.

Is There a Solution?

Many would have you believe that it is too late. The genie is out of the bottle, they will tell you. And they are right.

The kind of religious devotion that our forefathers had is lost to us forever. We do not live in tight-knit villages anymore. We do not meet one another and conduct business in the shadow of the cathedral where the body of Christ lay silent on the altar as a blessing to the land.

We have lost the fear of God.

But consider that the vaunted spirituality and acts of our forebears were particular to their own societies and their technological capabilities. Prior to Christ, living in a monastery was not a possibility. People developed their spirituality in such places because Roman and post-Roman society made them possible.

No longer did they sacrifice animals to God. For the solemn, religious peasant of the Middle Ages, animal sacrifice was a thing of the past; appropriate to its time but no longer useful.

Such a transition is upon us now. It is no longer possible for us to believe as they did. They lived in fear of famine, drought and the misunderstood specter of disease and early death. We do not.

But it is possible for us to see the marvelous expanse of the Universe and feel a religious awe, to experience wonder when we learn of sub-atomic particles, to appreciate the steady development of our civilization toward such the contemplation of such miracles. And, to want more than anything else, to defend this beauty.

Islam would destroy all vestige of the past. What you see ISIS doing in destroying ancient relics in Mesopotamia, is what Islam essentially desires: to erase the past. Their revisionism has much in common with the antics of our Western socialists, who wish to remove all forbidden words and notions from our history texts and vilify anyone who ever espoused anything but submission to their creed.

The everlasting peril of your soul would be a reason compelling enough to fight this onslaught. If the decline of Western civilization has numbed you to concern about your soul, then consider another cause for which you might fight. Do you really want to see Europe go under? Do you really want to see cathedrals and churches turned into mosques and thousands of years of art jackhammered by muslim thugs? Would you fight for this?

How Can the Knights of the Resurrection Help Me Become a Better Man?

The primary interest of the knights is to reform our lives through prayer. However, our prayer is based on the ancient liturgical tradition of the Church called the divine office. Here you will find a weekly cycle of prayer based on scriptural passages that invoke a manly and martial spirit in the praying man. This unique office is distinct from the liturgy of the hours used by the Catholic church and several Protestant churches but bears many similarities.

The presentation of these prayers is simple and designed to be easily accessed through a phone as well as other electronic devices.

Furthermore, this website will also provide essays and links regarding other issues that men of today may wish to understand better. Such matters include finance, arms training, divorce counseling, study of the Great Books and dietary issues.

What We Are Not

The Knights of the Resurrection distance themselves from most other Christian men's groups.

Without naming any particular group, we note that many such organizations base their founding ideas on shame. They teach men, directly or indirectly, that there is something wrong with them besides Original Sin, something particular to masculinity. Inevitably this leads many men to believe that there is something better about women's nature when compared to that of men.

Any one who has been through a divorce could tell you different. We have no interest in comparing or contrasting men to women, even though such intellectual activities may bear a certain kind of fruit. Our goal is purely to reform our own character, to become true men rather than men who emulate women in one respect or another.

We will not waste time vilifying sports, video games, bars or crude talk about women. There are much more profound problems to solve before we can return to the discussions that our ancestors had about such matters.


We are not alone in such an endeavor but we seek this reform in a particular way. Our method of reform may or may not interest you.

Nevertheless, all Western men are always in our prayers.
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