Preparing the Body

The knights have no interest in encouraging any further the worship of the body.The Maccabees of scripture were rightly revolted by the Greek gymnasium, in which the noble quest for manly strength was often perverted into sick desire. Just so are the knights repulsed by our increasingly global society's fascination with body.

However, even while our addiction to online porn shows our worship of the flesh, this society is actually sick with obesity. It is safe to say that most people indulging themselves in porn and sexual perversions are mostly out of shape and supremely unfit.

Those Maccabees, who revolted against the Greek globalists oppressing their traditions, were neither lazy nor unfit. They were men both valiant and strong.

All knights have a responsibility to maintain their bodies as well as their minds and their souls. The articles here are meant to assist in training and preparing the body for strength, endurance and overall health.

General Topics
What Is Happening to Our Testosterone Levels?
How Should I Start Exercising?
What Should My Fitness Goals Be?
Cardio vs. Strength

Lifting Topics
The Most Important Muscles
Lift to Failure

Running Topics
Sprinting vs Endurance
Sprinting Intervals
Long Distance Runners

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