Today the battle lines have become confused. It is hard to tell who is on whose wide. That confusion is a product of the chaos inflicted on Western Civilization by cultural Marxism. Such chaos is not a bug but rather a feature of that poisonous philosophy.

For example, readers might easily come to think that the knights support one or another political party or candidate. We feel honor-bound to dispel chaos and bring order to the situation.

This page contains a growing list of links to our own religious and political heroes. If one wonders just where we stand on any number of issues, it is only necessary to review the lives of these men. These are also the men whom we try to emulate on a daily basis when we make decisions for our selves, our families, our businesses and our communities.

Antonio de Oliveira Salazar
Augustine of Hippo, Saint
Augusto Pinochet
Baldwin IV, King of Jerusalem
Blaise Pascal
Dante Alighieri
Engelbert Dollfuss
Francisco Franco
Fulk, King of Jerusalem
Gaius Octavius
George Washington
Godfrey, Advocate of the Holy Sepulcher
Hernan Cortes
Joseph McCarthy
Marcus Aurelius
Philippe Petain
Quintus Fabius Maximus
Raymond, Count of Tripoli
Rene Descartes
Socrates of Athens
Thomas Aquinas

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