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Violence in the Name of the Lord

Over the last several decades, the idea that non-violence is the only true Christian form of expression has become dominant in both Christian and secular, non-Christian schools of thought. All violence done in the name of the Lord is somehow seen as hypocritical in a most fundamental way.
David takes on Goliath in the name of the Lord

Modernism: Everything Right Is Wrong Again

This notion defies two thousand years of Christian history. From the outset, Christ told his apostles to buy swords if they did not have any. That seems an odd remark for the man-God to make if he did not want anyone to defend Christendom with violence.

Of course, if you look back on the history of the last century with open eyes, this reversal of Christian thought makes sense. The late 19th century and early 20th century popes wrote lengthy warnings about the dangers of something called modernism. While we are technically described as now living in a post-modern world, we are still dealing with the destruction that modernism did to treasured institutions such as Christianity.

It is the inclination of a modernist to feel, instinctively, that everything that people did thousands of years ago was wrong-headed. Furthermore, in their view, people from eons past were a little bit stupid. They were also racist and sexist, the two mortal sins of the modernist.

There were, of course, errors in the ways that our ancestors viewed the universe. Geocentrism is a
cosmology which begins with the Earth at the center of the Universe and the rest of the planets and stars in orbit around it. It is erroneous but it works.

It works. Modernists overlook this. Even Einstein, a sort of ur-saint for atheists, admitted that geocentrism works. Of course it worked. People would not have used it for thousands of years if it hadn't worked. The reason we moved on from geocentrism to heliocentrism and then Newton and Einstein and others was that it did not explain why the planets and stars were moving. Nevertheless, you can still use the geocentrism of Ptolemy to predict the locations of planets in the sky.

What is the point of my astronomical digression? That liberals, who are just the philosophical offspring of modernism, are unable to see that the ancients were actually very intelligent and understood a great deal about man's character as well. Men who had no writing or only very rudimentary systems of writing were able to plot star movements, build immense structures and navigate the oceans while most of us struggle to pass high school algebra. If geocentrism was wrong, it was still the best that could be done with the naked eye and a limited technology.

Yet, because the ancients were wrong about the physical relationship of the Earth to the Sun and stars, moderns think that they were also inept at everything else, such as in ordering society.

Their Method of Robbery

This is how the modernist movement robbed you of your birthright. They have so altered the landscape that, even if you get your head on straight in this world and start thinking logically, you are still unable to create a solid foundation for thought. The first principles have been denied you.

That is why so many young men take the red pill but inevitably just become slightly more aggressive and abrasive versions of their leftist counterparts. The finest things in life have been hidden away and you cohabitate with leftists in an increasingly savage world.

Indeed, they have even convinced you that violence is always wrong. That's one way to keep your hands in your pockets.

When Violence Saved Christianity

As Christianity grew, it was embraced by people across a wide spectrum of classes in Roman society. It included soldiers, who certainly did not lay down their swords and stop defending the frontier.

Christianity became the dominant religion in the Empire after it was embraced by Constantine, a pre-eminent soldier of the late 3rd and early 4th century AD. He seized the imperial throne in AD 311 after seeing Christ's cross in the sky.

Stained window depiction of Roland, hero of Roncevaux
Openly Christian soldiers defended the empire afterward against Persians and barbarians. Emperor Justinian used force to reclaim the Western Empire in the 6th century AD after it had been overrun by pagan barbarians. Charles the Hammer led Christian troops against Muslim invaders in the Battle of Tours in 732 AD. Christian crusaders retook the Holy Land from cruel Muslim Turks who oppressed pilgrims in the 11th and 12th centuries. The list goes on.

No Contradiction

There is no contradiction in being proudly Christian and preparing for battle. Do as Christ commanded: Ar yourself for battle because the time is coming when you will need it to preserve your way of life and your right to teach your children as you please.

Get Furious.

Get Armed.

The Battle of Lepanto
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