Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Purpose of Preparedness

The Knights do not share the hysteria and sense of immediacy found on many websites that cater to "preppers." It is always easy to lose sight of one's true purpose when trying vainly to understand conspiracies and prophesies.

One need only recall the Y2K scare as a lesson. On the first day of January in the year 2000, many people woke up disappointed because they realized that they still had to go to their crappy jobs and that they had spent a lot of their disposable income on mountains of ammo and canned food in their basements.

 Nevertheless, preppers actually encourage activities that are beneficial to men and their families whether the world is coming to an end or not. Learning how to grow your own food is valuable even if you are not going to be a farmer.

The Intrinsic Value of Prepping

The average prepper may have a myopic view of disaster and recovery, in that he imagines rebuilding a stone age world in which we do not even have matches to light fire.

While this very fundamental approach to preparedness has its strengths, there is little point in merely preparing to live at the hunter-gatherer level with your family and maybe a few friends. Anthropological studies have shown pretty conclusively that societies smaller than several hundred have almost always been wiped out. There is a minimum number of people needed to provide all the various skills needed to live in an organized fashion, even at a stone age level.

Some preppers, though, have definitely seen the value in expanding their horizons with regard to necessary items and skills in the event of a societal collapse. This has caused many people involved in prepping to increase their knowledge base and acquire new skills.

Are the Knights of the Resurrection Preppers?

No. Again, no. The prepping movement is home to many theological errors and focuses too little on solving the problems of modern society.

While many preppers may be even-keeled and earnest individuals, you cannot deny that there are plenty of people with a disturbed vision of the future and, indeed, a latent desire to see the edifice of society crumble. Despair is a sin and despair breeds dark visions for which some people feel a type of lust. Just as some men seek out porn to satisfy their bottled up desires, others seek disaster-porn in the form of prepping websites in order to satisfy a sick rage against a society that they feel has overlooked them.

Why Are the Knights Interested in Prepping?

We include an entire page on prepping because there are several aspects of prepping which make a man better, and it is our mission to make our knights better men in this world.
  • Prepping requires analysis and forethought. Prepping men have to review their own lifestyle and habits. They also try to prepare themselves responsibly for sudden changes in circumstances. This is a big improvement over living paycheck to paycheck or using credit cards to survive.
  • Readiness involves acquiring new skills. In an age in which many men only have keyboard
    skills or cash register skills, it is good for them to try to learn something about more down-to-earth occupations to add to their arsenal of skills.
  • Preparedness also focuses a man's mind on his true responsibilities: his own survival and that of his family or clan. Too many soft males are rotting away on front of computer screens, easy prey for enemies of our society. Prepping would at least make men out of males.
  • Quality prepping sites have keyed in on advanced issues in prepping, such as the restoration of society. Since the knights ultimately desire to take over present society and heal it of its many evils, knowledge about things such as computer science and government organization are of high value.
    We will include a post on coding and how you can learn it for free.
We take as our example Saint Paul the Apostle. Though called to a "soft skill" in his preaching, he continued to ply his hard-skill trade as a tent-maker when it was possible. Like St. Paul and like preppers, knights of all background should cross train in different skills and become better men.
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